Bounce House: The Future of Gannon?

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Have you heard the popular rumor going around campus that Gannon is getting bounce houses and castles? Well, I am here to tell you all the details! It is indeed true that Gannon University will be rolling out multiple bounce houses around campus this fall. The idea for the bounce houses came from an anonymous […]

Finals Week Playlist: Alright

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  It’s almost the end. Summer awaits. But first you have to get through the gauntlet of finals week. Everyone has different ways of dealing with the stress and making it through. If you’re like me, you deal with it through music. You spend all week with headphones in, bumping whatever songs make you feel […]

PLAYLIST: Spring cleaning jams

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This playlist is one Missy Elliot song away from being a total blasty from the pasty, but it’s a solid set to listen to if you need to maintain positive vibes. This is my favorite playlist for when I’m cleaning my apartment. I make a mean dance duo with my Swiffer Wet Jet. The Quick […]

GU Speak: What Exactly is OcSOBERfest?

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OcSOBERfest is an annual, free Halloween party put on by students for students. KnightLIFE, the alcohol-free campus event planning club, organizes an evening of ghoulish entertainment. A play off of the traditional German Oktoberfest, OcSOBERfest has activities like karaoke, “Guitar Hero,” Halloween-themed games like “Wrap the Mummy,” and a fiercely competitive costume contest. Students pile into the gym […]

Mini-Golf Fits Mini-Budgets

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Students on and around a college campus are always looking for fun things to do. One of Gannon students’ favorite exciting places is Harbor View Mini Golf course. Harbor View Mini Golf course is located a convenient eight blocks from campus, allowing students the chance to have fun close to their home away from home. […]