Have you heard the popular rumor going around campus that Gannon is getting bounce houses and castles? Well, I am here to tell you all the details! It is indeed true that Gannon University will be rolling out multiple bounce houses around campus this fall. The idea for the bounce houses came from an anonymous write in on how to persuade Gannon University students to live a healthy lifestyle. We already have the wonderful exercise balls to sit on in the Waldron Power Room; why not bring the bounce to a whole new level?

The first bounce castle will be located on the third floor of Palumbo in the large open area that currently houses tables and chairs. What a waste of space! Who wants tables and chairs when they could have a bounce castle? The arrival of bounce houses and castles on campus proves Gannon University’s commitment to student wellness. Students will be encouraged to sign out bounce house time for group projects. Bounce houses encourage multitasking; you can study, exercise, and have fun all at the same time!

But wait, there’s more! The renovation of the Nash Library will include four bounce castles on the third floor! Not one, not two, but four bounce castles! I screamed with joy when I heard the news. One bounce castle will be reserved for quiet bouncing and reading. The other three bounce castles will have different literary themes each week. The first week is rumored to feature the beloved Hogwarts castle. Grab a mug of butterbeer from the café and head to the Hogwarts bounce castle for a magical time!

We want to hear from you! Where do you want to see bounce houses on campus? Maybe they should go in the dorms, or how about in the newly renovated Beyer? The second phase of bounce houses will include a transformation of offices around campus. How fun would it be to have a bounce house as an office? I would think it would be pretty fun! I will just have to wait and see because our beloved Edge office will be converting to a bounce house in the next year! It is a very exciting time to be a Gannon Knight!