No matter where you go to watch a sporting event, you are likely to hear a lot of the same songs. Over the years, songs have been released and/or rediscovered that have made waves in arenas and stadiums across the country and even the world. Today, we honor those songs that have become a staple in the sports world:

  1. “We Will Rock You”- Queen
    This song is a classic. It never fails to amp up the crowd. Aside from the intense music, the guitar solo starting about halfway through the song is sure to fire everyone up.
  2. “We Are The Champions”- Queen
    It is literally impossible to play these first two songs separately. Believe me, I’ve tried.
  3. “Cotton Eye Joe”- Rednex
    For being as country a song as they come, this song is amazingly popular in sporting events everywhere. It gives people a chance to get up, dance like no one’s watching, and burn off some energy.
  4. “Start Me Up”- Rolling Stones
    This is a good intermission or in-between song because it’s peppy, happy and it gives people a chance to unwind for a few minutes before the action starts back up.
  5. “Eye of the Tiger”- Survivor
    Everybody know this song. Even if you’ve never seen the movie “Rocky,” you know this song and its message.
  6.  “Song 2”- Blur
    This song is a good follow-up to something positive happening in the game (goals, proposals, an opposing fan spilling his drink, etc.) and it catches people off-guard with its slow start, followed by an intense pickup.
  7. “Sweet Caroline”- Neil Diamond
    I don’t know how this became such a big arena song. But, here we are, 46 years later (feel old yet?) with this song being played during breaks to settle things down.
  8. “Sandstorm (Radio Edit)”- Darude
    I chose the Radio Edit and not the original mix for this song because it jumps right into an up-tempo, techno beat and stays that way.
  9. “Renegade”- Styx
    Saved the best for last. This song is the go-to for come-from-behind victories and amping up the crowd. It never fails to get the crowd going.

Honorable Mention

  •  “We Like To Party (Six Flags Mix)”- Vengaboys
    This song gets an honorable mention because, at one time, it was one of the most popular arena songs in the country. It even went so far as to make it into a commercial for Six Flags Amusement Park in 2004 with “Mr. Six.” Since then, it has pretty much faded into darkness. But I maintain that it will make a comeback someday.