The playlist for all your spring season music needs.

The weather is warming up and you can see grass sticking out of the seemingly endless snowbanks. Winter is ending and spring is beginning. But let’s be honest, are you more sick of the winter weather or the winter playlists full of sad, introspective songs? Don’t get me wrong, I love those kinds of songs. (In fact, Edge Editor Aaron Mook and I play plenty of it on our Monday night radio show, Revival Radio from 9-midnight on WERG; not to shamelessly self-plug or anything.)

Now that the sun is shining and the temperatures are above freezing, some upbeat springtime tunes might be in order. “But I haven’t had time to put a playlist together!”  Fear not, imaginary citizen, I have you covered with this playlist for just such an occasion.

1. “Thinking About You” –Frank Ocean
The subtle instrumentation in this song is what really makes it feel like a true spring track. Plus you can’t go wrong with Frank Ocean’s voice.

2. “True Affection” – Father John Misty
The flittering electronic beat of this song just screams spring. This is a fresh track that was just released this year, but has the makings of a springtime mainstay that will be in playlists for years to come.

3. “Something Good Can Work” – RAC Remix – Two Door Cinema Club
The original track is great for an indie springtime vibe. But the remix from RAC makes it an essential piece for this playlist with layers of keys and an even sunnier beat.

4. “If You Didn’t See Me [You Weren’t on the Dance Floor]” – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
This is as much of a dance song as the name implies. It’s a gem of an indie track with a bouncy electronic beat. Also, it has a great music video if you have the time.

5. “Right Now” – T.V. on the Radio
T.V. on the Radio is known for its weird and eccentric style but there’s nothing weird about this track; just a straight catchy tune.

6. “Shadow” – Wild Nothing
Because spring is partially about relaxing here’s a great laid-back tune for lazy afternoons. Kick back and enjoy the spring weather.

7. “Dear God”- Sincerely M.O.F
It’s got a harp in it for crying out loud. What sounds more like springtime than a harp? Answer: nothing.  On the merit of that alone, this song deserves to be in this playlist.

8. “Sober” – Childish Gambino
I had to fit Gambino in here somewhere. This is a pretty straightforward R&B track with strong vocals a little bit of keys; a solid background tune for a spring day.

9. “Towers” – Stop the Car Remix – Bon Iver
Despite the fact that he pronounces Bon Iver in the most pretentious way possible (Bone Ee-vair), I can’t deny the fact that his music is wonderful. This remix only serves to enhance it.

10. “Lotus Flower” – Radiohead
This one plays on WERG every once and a while. It’s chill and it’s got a great electronic beat. Does it sound like springtime? Check. Does it complete my wonderful spring playlist? Check.