Being a relatively logical thinker (or so I like to believe) I have always enjoyed solving riddles, doing puzzles or even thinking through my organic chemistry syntheses. I find the challenge of problem solving to be one of the most rewarding to finish. In light of my interest, I thought I would test you to see if you share it with me. Answer the following: What do God, relationships, beer and about 35 people in a bar have in common?


I have to admit I was too – until I attended Gannon University’s Theology on Tap a couple weeks back.

Every so often, the campus ministry office holds an event called Theology on Tap. Students are escorted to a local bar to discuss various topics while enjoying each other’s company in a social and relaxed setting. This particular Theology on Tap dealt with relationships and how to make them work. I attended along with some of my friends, and I want to share my experience with you.

The night started with a group of about 25 to 30 students meeting at the Waldron Campus Center to walk to a local bar together. We were led to Under the Clock, a nice restaurant located on Peach Street, not far off Gannon’s campus. We enjoyed some appetizers provided by the campus ministry office, and those of us that were of age enjoyed a drink.

About 15 or 20 minutes after getting there, the two speakers were introduced. When they were talking, it was not like a group of listeners and a presenter. It was a more personal, conversational atmosphere where they just shared their story. They discussed how they met, what made them compatible and how they knew they would have a lasting relationship. The night concluded with them taking questions from students.

I learned that finding a relationship, especially one with faith at the core, is very special. Being upfront about what you believe and what you want from a relationship, or even marriage and family, is essential to finding a lifelong relationship. It was nice to see that those of us who are still single can find that special someone, and the insight on what to do when you think you have was interesting and helpful.

While this was just one of my experiences, there are many more that Gannon has to offer. Whether it’s talking about relationships at a bar or simply praying in your room, find what works for you.

God Bless,


ARK and Ichthi also offer faith sharing groups for students.