Dear Emma: Relationship Advice Column–Part 2

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Dear Emma: What advice do you have for a hopeless romantic in today’s world where hookups and “talking” are becoming popular? –Searching for Long-Term Dear Searching for Long-Term: It sounds like you could use a Hallmark movie right about now, but seriously, I understand your frustration. It’s hard to read people and know what they […]

Salad Days Are Here

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Where to start? I guess it’s worth knowing that I’ve been going to tattoo parlors for years watching my friends get “inked” (or whatever lame tattoo lingo you feel like using), and almost every time, I’ve considered getting something. I’ve had plenty of ideas, too, from the Modest Mouse and AbsolutePunk logos to a circus-style […]

Bee mine (or Love and Martyrdom)

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Tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day. Typically, Feb. 14 is filled with candied hearts, romantic candlelit dinners and lots of overly affectionate couples parading down the street. Frankly, I’m sick of it. So let’s fight the power, throw caution to the wind and celebrate St. V’s day with a bit of […]

Staying spiritually faithful in relationships

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Being a relatively logical thinker (or so I like to believe) I have always enjoyed solving riddles, doing puzzles or even thinking through my organic chemistry syntheses. I find the challenge of problem solving to be one of the most rewarding to finish. In light of my interest, I thought I would test you to […]

The Teenage Dream vs. College Reality

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Hello Again… As a girl, one of the more major aspects of my life has to deal with guys. I’m your typical, average teenage girl. There’s nothing about me that says I am above falling in love or too smart to have a crush. Some things are just inevitable and I have accepted this fact. […]