Hello Again…

As a girl, one of the more major aspects of my life has to deal with guys. I’m your typical, average teenage girl. There’s nothing about me that says I am above falling in love or too smart to have a crush. Some things are just inevitable and I have accepted this fact.

The reason college relationships are so stressful is because you are now in a new environment. You may not even be comfortable in your surroundings– let alone be comfortable with another person. You’re changing emotionally as a person. As you go off to college, people will tell you that you are going to change and you’re going to freak your parents out and so on and so forth. They aren’t lying. You will! You make new friends, explore new thoughts… suddenly values you held true to your heart fade away and without warning you stand for beliefs you didn’t before.

So since you’ve changed as a person and have new friends too, you will meet new guys in that group. Don’t panic, you’re not going to fall in love with all of them. However, since you are changing, you could potentially like a different type of guy than you did before. You are in a new pond with different options.

You may be one of many freshmen who have come to college with a significant other. If you come to college with your boyfriend or girlfriend at home and expect to have the same dynamic of relationship you did when you were together 24/7, you’re disillusioned. Remember when I said you are going to change as a person? I’m not saying break up with your boyfriend before you go to college. However, if you expect for your relationship to work you are going to need to use communication and include your boyfriend in the social situations and group of friends you make at Gannon. It’s not difficult; everyone at Gannon is super friendly.

If you do feel yourself growing apart from your significant other, don’t panic. You may have made plans to get married and live your lives together, but not fulfilling those expectations is fine. College will make you a much busier, much more stressed person for the entire first semester. Who wants to involve someone in that?

These are my thoughts for now. As always, post me questions and comments. I love feedback! 🙂