VIDEO: Mike Goebel Goes from ‘Rebel’ to Enrollment Advisor

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Gannon enrollment advisor Mike Goebel made it on ESPN Sportscenter. Any idea how? Get to know Mike and find out about his role in Gannon’s Office of Admissions. Mike Goebel is just one part of the GU Admissions crew. Meet some of his coworkers, Pat Washington, Miles Vida, Lauren Whittaker and Emily Kleps.

Eternal Sunshine Approaches Dusk

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If you’re reading this – my last blog entry – I want to thank you. You, the prospective college student making your way through the maze of postcards, packets and emails sent to you by colleges across all 50 states, have chosen to visit us here at Edge. By visiting us, you’ve confirmed the belief […]

VIDEO Q & A: Carol Hayes Talks College Essays

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What’s the difference between writing in high school and writing in college? And what are some tips for writing great college application essays? Get answers from Carol Hayes, an English instructor at Gannon. Rock the vote — for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave!

VIDEO: Lauren Whittaker Talks Movies, Gaga and GU

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Lauren Whittaker loves her job in Gannon’s Office of Admissions and working with students from Southwestern Pennsylvania. But what’s her favorite movie and how does she feel about Lady Gaga? Get to know Lauren’s Office of Admissions coworkers, Miles Vida and Pat Washington. Don’t forget to vote in Round 2 of Gannon’s Ultimate Fave tournament!

VIDEO Q & A: Julie Coppolo, Office of Admissions

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Decision time is looming for high school seniors, but don’t panic! Julie Coppolo, assistant director of admissions, has some calming words and practical advice for anyone in the college search process. More questions? We’ve got more answers. Check out the complete Q & A series. More advice is coming later in the week in the […]

Come to Gannon’s Spring Open House on Sunday, April 18!

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Would you like to meet with Gannon faculty members and take a tour of the campus? Do you have questions about summer orientation, student housing or the FAFSA form? Gannon’s Spring Open House, on Sunday April 18, is the perfect way to accomplish all of this in one stop. The event runs from 11 a.m. […]

Day with the Dean (Humanities, Education and Social Sciences)

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Gannon is hosting a Day with the Dean of the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences on Friday, April 9th. It’s a chance for you and your parents to visit Gannon and get a first-hand look at everything these programs have to offer. Registration will begin at 9:30 am with the welcome beginning promptly […]

Learn to Teach: Preparing for a Journey to “Oz”

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Welcome back to my blog! As some of you know, in addition to teaching, I’m also involved with Gannon’s theater productions. For every production at our Schuster Theatre, there is a day devoted to that particular show: we call this “Tech Day.” Tech Day is usually from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on a Saturday […]