Hockey and water polo teams square off in ‘Pool vs. Pond Challenge’

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Sports crossovers are a rare occurrence. When Gannon’s club hockey team took on the men’s basketball team in a skills competition last week, it was an exciting event partly because it was unprecedented here at Gannon. And now, they’re at it again. The hockey team has challenged the men’s water polo team to a water […]

Back-to-back wins set tone for club hockey season

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The Gannon club hockey team started off their season earlier this month with a 2-0 weekend. They won their first game of the year against Medaille College, beating them 5-4 in a four-round shootout. They followed that game with a 15-4 win over the Wheeling-Jesuit Cardinals the next day. Going into the rest of their […]

The almost perfect game

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A lot of people think that preparing for any sort of event may take a few hours at the most. In reality, preparations begin the moment the event is announced. For sports personnel, that moment is when the schedule is released. Even with a precise amount of planning, something always goes wrong. Whether the result […]

Gannon's club hockey team: For love of the game

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There are no NCAA scholarships. They play for love of the game. They are the students who compete for the Gannon University club hockey team. The team started its season on a promising note, with two victories against Wheeling Jesuit on Sept. 29 and Oct. 5. The Knights won 13-1 and 9-7. The Gannon club […]

CLICK-WORTHY: Handmade Music and Philanthropic Sports

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What are you working on? Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ve been working hard and deserve a quick break. -This week in my theatre criticism class, the Rev. Shawn Clerkin asked us all to share some piece of art that we felt was sublime, meaning pleasing all and always. People had lots of different responses, […]

GU Sports: A Healthy Obsession

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Good news, sports fans. Alex “Q” Bieler, senior journalism communications major and assistant sports editor for The Gannon Knight, is joining Edge as our sports blogger. We hope you’ll enjoy Q’s insight and sense of humor as much as we do. Sports obsession is a versatile creature. Around the globe, athletics enthusiasts take many forms. […]

How to Start Your Own Club in 10 Days

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Right now, the word “sold” probably jogs a memory of the last garage sale a parent had where they “accidentally” gave away a prized childhood possession to the bargain hunter willing to bid the highest amount – which was most likely mere pocket change. Once you hit Gannon’s campus, though, the word rapidly changes into […]