Good news, sports fans. Alex “Q” Bieler, senior journalism communications major and assistant sports editor for The Gannon Knight, is joining Edge as our sports blogger. We hope you’ll enjoy Q’s insight and sense of humor as much as we do.

Sports obsession is a versatile creature.

Around the globe, athletics enthusiasts take many forms. From the stats junkie to the shirtless amateur body painter that appears at every game, sports fans take on enough forms to put a chameleon to shame. I, for one, would have to judge myself as the sports fan equivalent of a sponge – always absorbing as much historical and statistical information as possible.

I must admit, upon entering Gannon University back in 2007, I didn’t realize how much sports would help shape my career path. My first year here was spent as an engineering major. Eventually, my love of sports drove me to journalism communications.

I haven’t turned back since.

Soon enough, I was talking on the Prime Time Sports Guys, the sports talk show on Gannon’s radio station, 90.5 WERG FM. Eventually, I began writing for the Gannon Knight, ultimately becoming the assistant sports editor, covering all of Gannon’s 18 varsity NCAA Division II teams. Now I am eating and breathing Gannon sports day and Knight.

At the beginning of my senior year, I became a work-study under Dan Teliski, Gannon’s director of athletics media relations. Don’t know what that means? Well, you know the person that runs the scoreboard? That’s me. The person that plays music during timeouts? Me again. The guy running the camera? There seems to be a trend here…

Essentially, we make sure that the game runs smoothly. Also, I get to watch sports events, which is something I’d do in my free time anyway. I love it when work experience and fun go together like that.

Honestly, sports at Gannon are just that – a fun experience. Throughout my years in Erie, the students at Gannon have been fortunate enough to see several teams make it to the NCAA Division II tournament.

Last year, the women’s basketball team held the No. 1 ranking in the nation, remaining undefeated until suffering a heartbreaking overtime loss in the Final Four to eventual champion Emporia State.

Simply put, Gannon isn’t lacking in terms of sports opportunities. Along with the 18 various varsity sports, Gannon offers a multitude of intramural sports for students to compete in, and Gannon University Club Hockey is in the second year of its rebirth.

Want to head out and sample something more “professional?” Erie is home to three minor league teams, the Otters, SeaWolves and Bayhawks, helping to sate your hockey, baseball and basketball needs.

You don’t even have to be a communications student like me to enjoy the benefits of sports at Gannon. Want to take a more science-oriented career path? Check out Gannon’s sports and exercise science program. Think that you would be much better than the general manager of your favorite team? Take the first step into entering the sports industry with a degree in sports management and marketing.

Or, you could just enjoy the benefit of being able to see a plethora of games, free of charge.  Yup, all you need is a Gannon ID.  What can I say – if it’s free, it’s for me.

Whether it’s for a career or just entertainment, students at Gannon can find a ton of options at their feet. Now the ball is in your court.

The question is, are you game?

Would you like to learn more about sports at GU? Check out this video about last year’s women’s basketball team.