How To Be a Morning Person

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Ah, the dreaded 8 a.m. class. You’re sure to encounter it at least once in the span of your college education. Being in the health science field, I’ve come across many in my day. Between the early morning labs and sunrise lectures, it’s safe to say I’ve adjusted to the morning person schedule whether I […]

RUNDOWN: ‘Loot,’ coffee and college radio

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Monday, Sept. 29: As if you need another reason to drink it, today is International Coffee Day. Fire up that Keurig and enjoy a hot (or iced) cup of joe. Tuesday, Sept. 30: Support College Radio Day and stop by the 90.5 WERG table at Waldron Campus Center. You might even be a big winner […]

[VIDEO] It’s Easy Being Green at One Green World Cafe

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Gannon students have a new on-campus destination for food and coffee on the go, and a new environmentally friendly hangout. Staffed by domestic and international students, One Green World Cafe opened this semester in the building formerly occupied by Antler’s Pub. Need to unwind? Get more posts on hanging out at Gannon.

10 Ways to Kill an Hour on Campus

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Chances are, you will have some spare time between classes or meetings. Instead of sitting idly around during those breaks, Gannon has several unique ways to kill an hour – which we’ve listed for you in no particular order 🙂

Eternal Sunshine: The “Between” Phase

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There is always that time between Christmas, New Year’s and going back to school that feels sort of strange. I mean – don’t get me wrong – I’ll take all the days off I can get before packing up and heading back north! But still, it’s that time after getting and giving presents where you finish […]

J-School Cool: The Great Coffee Debate

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I’m a journalism major, so naturally, society expects me to drink coffee – or, as one of my favorite time-wasting Web sites,, puts it: “Gatorade for journalists.” And I admit there’s been many a time where I’ve been on deadline and brewed a whole pot of straight-up black elixir just for myself. I’ve even […]