Alumna affirms her belief in the possibilities

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I’ve always considered “Believe in the Possibilities” to be Gannon’s slogan — the phrase used to describe what the school’s mission is all about. Little did I know that even after graduation, that phrase would still hold true for what the future has in store for me. I graduated from Gannon in May 2011 with […]

5 things to know about pre-law/legal studies

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Chances are if you enjoy debate, argumentation and the ideal of justice, you should check out Gannon’s Pre-Law/Legal Studies Department. With unique opportunities for students and a hands-on curriculum, pre-law at Gannon is a great first step into a promising career. Here are some fun facts that might get you started on your search: 1. […]

Internship Opens Doors, Narrows Focus

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Summer is drawing to an end and it’s time to crack open the books. I’ve had one of the best summers ever.  I’ve had an amazing internship and got to do many things this summer that I would not have done outside of Erie. I cannot say enough good things about my nursing internship at […]

Internship Provides Hospital-Wide Experiences

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Hey guys! I have been at my nursing internship for almost two months now, and I am learning so much. I am happy that I was given this great opportunity because not only am I learning the role of a nurse in different hospital settings, but I am also learning some of the most valuable […]

Freshman Bio Class Lands Me a Job

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After a month of looking for a job, I am finally employed. I applied virtually everywhere. If a place had a “We’re hiring” sign, you can bet I walked in and got an application. And if a place didn’t, I probably walked in and asked for one anyway.

Kim’s Summer = Work, Intern, Beach, Repeat

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Hey Guys! I’m glad it’s summertime — I am happy to be done with classes for a few months. Junior year was definitely tough, but I learned so much in the past year and have really grown as a person and a future nurse. I had two weeks of free time before I started my […]