I’ve always considered “Believe in the Possibilities” to be Gannon’s slogan — the phrase used to describe what the school’s mission is all about. Little did I know that even after graduation, that phrase would still hold true for what the future has in store for me.

I graduated from Gannon in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Although I knew that I wanted to be in the communications field, I think it’s fair to say I wasn’t exactly sure where I was headed.

On a whim, I applied for an internship at PlayhouseSquare in Cleveland. Known as the second largest theatre district in the United States, PlayhouseSquare is a

Entrance to PlayhouseSquare. Photo Courtesy of Carly Lyons

nonprofit performing arts center that “utilizes the arts to engage individuals and attracts over one million guests per year to its 1,000+ annual events.” I’ve always had a love of the arts — I have over 15 years of dance training and was actively involved in drama, especially at Gannon through the honorary theatre fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega. In August, I got the position of Digital Communications Intern.

I’ve become immersed in theatre on a daily basis. My job is to manage our social media accounts, assist in compiling emails, edit and add photos and content to our website, and help with the digital aspect of various marketing campaigns. I’ve worked on video campaigns and written weekly for our blog. I’ve even had the opportunity to learn about/hold PlayhouseSquare’s first Tony Award for “La Cage Aux Folles.”

I know the things I’ve learned at my internship will help propel me to future endeavors. I also can’t stress enough that my experiences at Gannon have also helped me in my postgrad life. One lesson Gannon taught me is to go with the flow. Although I never expected to be working as an intern after college, the experience has been one of the most rewarding I’ve had since graduation. The same can apply to those of you looking at college or just starting school. Although things might not go how you want them to, sometimes an unexpected detour can be a pleasant surprise. I also learned to take chances. I decided to transfer from another school to Gannon during the last trimester of my freshman year. I was unhappy where I was and needed to make a change for the better. Was I scared? Absolutely. But in looking back over the past three years I spent at Gannon, I can’t imagine my life without the experiences I had during my time there.

Whether you’re just starting to look at colleges, are still getting adjusted to your first year, or are approaching college graduation, believe in the possibilities. You never know where the future is going to take you.

Here’s some of the work that Carly completed here at Edge that helped further her career post-graduation.