Post Thesis Thoughts/How I Prepare for Public Speaking

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I did it. I wrote it. I presented it. I defended it. I am done. If you have read some of my previous articles, you probably know that I wrote my theater thesis on Star Wars and Aristotle’s elements of drama. It was a long task-heavy process, but I did it. Looking back on the […]

A Student’s March on Washington

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One of the greatest qualities of becoming a young adult is the opportunity to grow into your own ideas and express them in a matter that is peaceful. One of the greatest attributes of Gannon University is its constant mission to encouraging students to develop their own personal values and to express these values in […]

Interview With Newest Gannon Professor: Dr. Matthew McKeague

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Edge sat down for a talk with the newest professor at Gannon’s School of Communications and the Arts Dr. Matthew McKeague to ask him about his experience teaching at Gannon so far and his take on making it in the media field. What brought you here, teaching at Gannon? I wanted to be closer to […]

Just another interview

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It was a busy Thursday afternoon at my internship—everyone in the office was racing back and forth attempting to get everything completed before the day ended. I was just handed a huge stack of files to invoice when my phone buzzed, seemingly innocuously. Once I had a free moment I checked it, realizing it was […]

Interview with local musician: Fred Oakman

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Fred Oakman is a local musician from Meadville, Pa., who has performed with three different bands, as well as played solo shows for over 10 years. With a new group and record under his belt, Fred tells us all about the life of a musician, what it means to do what you love, and the […]

A logical start to my new internship

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New situations are usually intimidating. Whether it’s a class or a job, you sometimes don’t know what to expect at all. Because this is my senior year, I wasn’t expecting to have too many new and scary situations thrown at me. Until, I had an internship interview. I previously worked a summer internship at a […]

Acing the summer job interview

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Although it’s hard to imagine during these cold, blustery “spring” days, summer is just around the corner. With that in mind, it’s never too early to start thinking about summer employment. Not to sound like a nagging mother, but it’s important to send your applications everywhere in hopes of landing an interview. Once you get […]

Using the force of charisma

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There is something to be said about charisma. Either you have it or you lack it. To some it’s a mystery. It is a skill and a character trait. It can be learned or it can be natural. It can make or break you in interviews and social interactions. Charisma is the vehicle that drives […]

Prep U for GU: Making Cash in College

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Coming to college can be a big adjustment in your daily routine. For many of students it means leaving familiar territory and venturing into the unknown. It also means venturing away from parents’ wallets and high school part-time jobs. The distance from those things may hinder your monthly cash flow, but don’t worry — there […]