There is something to be said about charisma. Either you have it or you lack it. To some it’s a mystery. It is a skill and a character trait. It can be learned or it can be natural. It can make or break you in interviews and social interactions. Charisma is the vehicle that drives a person’s character.

I am immediately reminded of everyone’s favorite smuggler, Han Solo from the Star Wars universe. Solo is the epitome of charismatic. Upon first seeing him, many people automatically are attracted to his character. There is some intangible thing that sets Solo and other classic characters apart from the rest.

In a recent article, found here, business and technology guru Jeff Haden outlines 10 qualities that charismatic people have in common. It is, to say, a short list of things you can do to become more charismatic.

Some are easy, like talking less and listening more. Some are a little deeper, like realizing that others are more important or giving praise to someone. My favorite one is choosing your words carefully. This tip holds true outside of training yourself to be charismatic. Choose words with positive connotations.

Having given tours to prospective Gannon students for more than a year now, I’ve become good at picking out the charismatic people from the bunch. The admission process, regardless of what school you go to, can become smoother if you are charismatic. From the chats with your enrollment advisor to the tour of campus, a charismatic student will be easily recognizable.

I personally know all the tour guides and admission staff here at Gannon are very charismatic. We will interact with and engage you, and hopefully, you will do the same.

Try to be like Han Solo, but less abrasive. Try to listen like Yoda, but don’t be as cryptic. Try to be as courageous as Luke Skywalker, but don’t let emotions cloud your judgment.

OK, maybe that analogy didn’t work for you. Just be you – that will undoubtedly be good enough.