J-School Cool: Looking to the Future – An Editor’s Farewell

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It’s been a privilege and an honor to serve as Edge’s first editor-in-chief. I’m delighted to pass the torch to my colleague and friend, Nicole Dohoda – her creativity, passion and keen editing eye will help take this blog to the next level. You’ll still hear from me on occasion, but I’ll be devoting most […]

Day with the Dean (Humanities, Education and Social Sciences)

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Gannon is hosting a Day with the Dean of the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences on Friday, April 9th. It’s a chance for you and your parents to visit Gannon and get a first-hand look at everything these programs have to offer. Registration will begin at 9:30 am with the welcome beginning promptly […]

J-School Cool: “Back” in Shape After Health Center Visit

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Last night, I was all wrapped up in pounding out a research paper at my dining room table. When I stood up to get my late-night comfort food (chips and salsa, but of course), I felt a sharp pain – and it wasn’t the “boy, am I ready to be done with this paper” kind. […]

J-School Cool: Seeking a New Soundtrack

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I tend to organize my life by the albums I listen to – I think of it as assembling a soundtrack to my life 🙂 During the last few months of my senior year of high school, I was all about Andrew Bird’s “Armchair Apocrypha” – a totally mind-blowing indie rock album that sent me […]

J-School Cool: Holiday Season Unleashes Childhood Joy

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One of the best things about growing up is that it somehow makes it even more fun to act like a kid. Just the other day, my roommate, who spends her summers as a camp counselor at Camp Stella Maris in Livonia, N.Y., led a group of our friends in a few rounds of campfire-style […]

J-School Cool: Queen of the Kitchen Combats Stress

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Finals week is fast approaching, meaning my to do list grows while my time spent sleeping dwindles. Nevertheless, I try to make time to keep my wits about me (I am a columnist and blogger, after all) by spending time doing something I love: cooking. Perhaps the “Queen of the Kitchen” headline is misleading – […]

J-School Cool: Living Wabi-Sabi

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Every job has its hazards – pastry chefs probably gain a few pounds here and there. Left-handed carpenters have to be really careful with power tools. And writers? Well, we live too much in our own heads. It’s just part of the job description, I suppose.

J-School Cool: The Great Coffee Debate

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I’m a journalism major, so naturally, society expects me to drink coffee – or, as one of my favorite time-wasting Web sites, StuffJournalistsLike.com, puts it: “Gatorade for journalists.” And I admit there’s been many a time where I’ve been on deadline and brewed a whole pot of straight-up black elixir just for myself. I’ve even […]

J-School Cool: Snapped: Trading in My Pen for a Camera

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I purchased a one-year Erie Art Museum membership this summer when I signed up for their Advanced Digital Photography class. The class, taught by prolific Erie photographer Art Becker, was a total blast. It mostly consisted of our group going out on location (Dobbins Landing, Presque Isle) to shoot while we received individualized instruction about […]