Speed Writing: The art of starting (and finishing) that essay

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For many, writing an essay can be a difficult assignment. The blank page or white screen stares at you, mocking your lack of ambition to start writing. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can write quickly and efficiently while still minimizing errors (and even giving yourself some time to edit). Here’s how […]

Top 10 ways we procrastinate and how to avoid them

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Oh, you have an essay due tomorrow? Well, I guess now is the perfect time to clean your room. Or maybe you will finally go to the gym or take a nap. Whatever your choice, you have succumbed to the inevitable procrastination of your college career.  Even if you are someone who believes your time […]

5 apps every college student should download

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We live in an age where the majority of us can’t go a minute without checking our phones. While lots of smartphone apps exist solely for entertainment, many can help with productivity, navigation, fitness and more. Here is a list of the five apps every college student should download. (And yes, “there’s an app for […]

Software, bugs and procrastination

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Software never works 100 percent as it should. “The more complex a piece of software, the harder it is to find all of the bugs,” as one of my professors would say. A bug in a piece of software is something that doesn’t work as intended. With a lot of college schoolwork being done on […]

Packing at the Last Minute? You’re Not Alone…

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As you’re reading this, I am lying on the beach in the Outer Banks, enjoying the sun and a good book. Alright, I’m not. I’m probably scrambling like a mad person trying to fit every last possible thing into my suitcases. Yes, multiple suitcases—because I’m not just packing for vacation, I’m also packing up my […]

Eternal Sunshine: Stop Stressin’, Man

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Thanksgiving break is in sight – it is roughly 55 pages of memorized lines for “Nevermore,” two short poetry explications and one 10-page Media Ethics and Criticism paper away. OK, that sounds much worse than it actually is. I’ve been working on these things for the last few weeks to prepare for the end of […]