We live in an age where the majority of us can’t go a minute without checking our phones. While lots of smartphone apps exist solely for entertainment, many can help with productivity, navigation, fitness and more. Here is a list of the five apps every college student should download. (And yes, “there’s an app for that.”)

safetrek app1. SafeTrek (iOS and Android)

It works like this: If feel unsafe while walking home, you can press and hold a button on the center of the app. If you don’t enter a password within ten seconds of pushing the button, police will be notified and sent to your area. It’s a great way to get help, especially if you can’t easily call 911.


2. Smart Voice (Android)

The versatility of this app is what makes it so great. You can use it for everything from recording lectures to conducting interviews. You can even use it to record and time your presentations for class. This particular voice-recording app is only for Android, but variations exist for iOS as well.

swipes app

3. Swipes (iOS)

If you’re like me, you’re entire life revolves around your daily to-do list, and nothing is more satisfying than crossing off an item. To get that same level of satisfaction without lugging around planners and pens, download Swipes. You make your list and swipe to cross off items once you complete them. Simple and user-friendly.

4. Swackett (iOS and Android)

A weather app like no other. This app has the standard hourly and five-day forecasts. What makes Swackett unique is that it shows you what to wear throughout the day. Imagine: You wake up, check the weather on your phone and see if you need to bring a jacket to class. No more sticking your hand out the window to “test the weather.” This app is especially useful for Erie, where the weather goes from 60 degrees to 37 degrees in a 24-hour period.

selfcontrol app

5. SelfControl (iOS)

I know how it all starts: You flip open your textbook to study for your big exam, tell yourself you’ll check twitter one last time before you begin cramming, and suddenly it’s an hour later and you’re still online. Prevent this by downloading SelfControl. It allows you to block certain websites for a set amount of time so you can study without getting distracted – by apps, anyway.