Shorts Weather!

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Expecting a cold shiver in the morning having mistakenly leaving a window open throughout the night, I get out of bed and… feel warm? I had to second guess my body, check my forehead to see if I had a fever, but it was true, my dreams had become realities: it was warm and sunny […]

5 apps every college student should download

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We live in an age where the majority of us can’t go a minute without checking our phones. While lots of smartphone apps exist solely for entertainment, many can help with productivity, navigation, fitness and more. Here is a list of the five apps every college student should download. (And yes, “there’s an app for […]

CLICK-WORTHY: Music, Money and a Kitten on a Slide

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Hey again! It’s that time once again where we’re servin’ up a fresh batch of internet gems to give you a little break from studying, working or reading up on all the goodies here on Edge. -Who doesn’t love music? I’ve always got my iPod in my pocket and I’m listening to something no matter […]