Hey again! It’s that time once again where we’re servin’ up a fresh batch of internet gems to give you a little break from studying, working or reading up on all the goodies here on Edge.

-Who doesn’t love music? I’ve always got my iPod in my pocket and I’m listening to something no matter what I’m doing. But sometimes I get sick of listening to the same playlists over and over again. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place you could go online where someone made a bunch of playlists that you can listen to without having to put them together on your own? Well there is! Check out 8tracks.com, a website where people submit their favorite playlists of music based on things like interest, moods or genre. Some are completely random, but it’s always fun to find new music.

-This past Saturday, Gannon welcomed more than 120 high school seniors to the Erie Bayfront Sheraton to compete for a full-tuition scholarship. The day-long competition featured many talents – some shared their artwork and some even danced. The only stipulation- it had to represent something they hope to achieve in life. Here you can check out some shots of the hopeful competitors (We wish them all good luck. The Office of Admissions will announce the ten winners on February 4th!).

-I know sometimes I need a break from reading online, and when that happens nothing cures the eye-strain better than checking out a few videos (no reading required). Check out Time Magazine’s list of the top 50 YouTube videos ever.

-While I don’t recommend doing this in school, I recently found in my spare time that a paperclip can actually launch itself across a room. Now, remember… I’m asking you not to do this in a classroom – we don’t want your teachers thinking you’re learning crazy things on Edge, but check out how you can do it yourself!

-Did you know last year Gannon University made its own weather balloon and launched it into the sky? I remember checking it out when I heard my brother was interested in learning more about meteorology. Check out this photo gallery from Gannon’s own weather experiment.

Kittens on a slide. This one needs no explanation other than I walked into our office to the sound of staff writer Sarah giggling in the corner. Upon asking why, she showed me this video. Enjoy.