Speed Writing: The art of starting (and finishing) that essay

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For many, writing an essay can be a difficult assignment. The blank page or white screen stares at you, mocking your lack of ambition to start writing. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can write quickly and efficiently while still minimizing errors (and even giving yourself some time to edit). Here’s how […]

REDACTED: Analog Productivity

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For years, I’ve struggled with time management. I’ve always wanted to do more, put more on my plate and couldn’t seem to find a system to manage all of those details that kept falling through the cracks. This, obviously, leads to severe stress. How can anyone focus on relaxing during a break if you have […]

How ‘Any.Do’ can make you a better student

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Like many college students, I struggle with time management. I feel as though there are a million things on my plate at any given time, and remembering every single task, meeting, assignment and event seems to be a Sisyphean ordeal. I tried writing down things in a planner, but I’d often forget to bring it […]

5 apps every college student should download

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We live in an age where the majority of us can’t go a minute without checking our phones. While lots of smartphone apps exist solely for entertainment, many can help with productivity, navigation, fitness and more. Here is a list of the five apps every college student should download. (And yes, “there’s an app for […]

Summer reading helps with "Getting Things Done"

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“You can do anything, but not everything.” This quote has been running thought my head for the past week. To me, it’s inspiring. It reminds me that we don’t have forever. We are given a finite amount of time to do all the things we want to do. Behind this quote is David Allen, a […]

Student uses break…to take a break!

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Some students use spring break as an opportunity to go home and see their families. Others travel to warm and sunny destinations, leaving all the stressors of school far behind. Spring break – and all breaks for that matter – for me is an opportunity to squeeze in as many hours at my job at […]