Smartphones are handy for looking up important info and finding your way around via GPS. Let’s be honest, though, the apps that get the most use by college students are probably Twitter and Instagram. I know I’m guilty.

Here are a few that can help (rather than hinder) your studies:

1. StudyBlue puts a digital spin on a traditional study tool: flashcards. You can quickly and easily create a stack, include graphics, test yourself and track which ones you get wrong. And since they’re on your phone, you’ll always have them with you – perfect for studying on the go. (Free)

2. Winner of the U.S. Surgeon General’s Healthy Apps Challenge, Fooducate allows you to make better eating choices. The app uses a scientific algorithm to assign each product a grade (A-, B+, C, etc.) based on its nutrition facts and ingredient list. It also highlights important info on the product and suggests healthier alternatives. (Free)

3. Once the Wake N Shake Alarm Clock goes off, there’s only one way to turn it off: shake your phone crazy hard! The app has no snooze button, so it forces you to get up and moving. Whether you’re always oversleeping an 8 a.m. or have a big presentation you can’t risk missing, this one’s a must. ($1.99)

4. Khan Academy, founded by a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School, is a collection of more than 3,500 unique educational videos. Learn the basics of the federal deficit and the so-called “debt ceiling.” Discover how flu vaccines are made. Find out the historical context behind the film that just earned Anne Hathaway an Oscar, “Les Miserables.” Khan can supplement classroom material or simply make you a more informed student. (Free)

5. What do you need to score on your next exam to make an A in the class? Grades 2 breaks down syllabi, letting you know what grade you need to earn on each assignment to get your target grade. The app also features a convenient GPA calculator. (Free)