Summer Fundays Countdown: #1

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As soon as June rolls around, one of the first things I’m sure to do is visit an amusement park. Nothing says summer like roller coasters, bumper cars, and funnel cake. And Gannon has one right in its own backyard! Waldameer and Water World has been providing Northwestern Pennsylvania with summer entertainment since 1896. The […]

Summer Fundays Countdown: #4

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Looking for an athletic outlet here in Erie? Take a trip over to Family First Sports Park, located not too far from campus. This park has all sorts of sports and gyms for you and a group of your friends to go and have a fun day. Family First Sports Park boasts 75 acres of […]

Summer Fundays Countdown: #5

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Ever wish all the clouds would go away at night and all the lights would go out so you could sit and stare at the stars? Despite the street lights, downtown Erie has a perfect place for stargazing: the Erie Planetarium. Just across the street from Gannon’s Kenilworth Apartments, the Erie Planetarium offers many public […]

Summer Fundays Countdown: #7

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Musicals like “Fame,” “Hairspray” and “Rent” are all shows that trigger thoughts of Broadway and expensive ticket prices with a lot of traveling. But in the past year, all of those shows have been performed down the street from Gannon at  Erie Playhouse for a fraction of the ticket price — and with Gannon students […]

Summer Fundays Countdown: #8

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Warm temperatures, sparkling water and people in bathing suits may make you think of tropical destinations and sandy beaches. But in Erie, you can find all those things year-round at Splash Lagoon.The area’s only indoor water park, Splash Lagoon has many water slides, a lazy river, waterfalls and more. There’s also a gift shop and […]

Summer Fundays Countdown: #9

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Erie has some of the most incredible sunsets that you will ever see. The sandy beaches of Presque Isle in the heat of summer are the best place to view them. Presque Isle also provides a nice escape from the busy city life. Bring a blanket and a book, lay out and catch some rays. […]

Summer Fundays Countdown: #10

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With only 10 weeks left before school starts, Edge is conducting a countdown. Every week, we’ll  suggest a place to spend a day in Erie to make the most of your summer free time, starting with suggestion #10 this week… Most of the time when someone thinks about a zoo, they most likely think about […]