Hi everyone!

How’s it going? Thanks for checking out my latest blog. I was thinking the other day about my time at Gannon University and how I decided to come here.

Before choosing a college, most people consider what the campus life at that particular school all about. You read pamphlets and you look at websites to see what the campus can offer to you. But in order to get the real perspective on what is like to be a student, it’s best to actually talk to one. Gannon offers many ways to entertain students with just about any interest, but many people outside of Gannon may not know about them.

Got a dollar and a free evening on the weekends? Gannon plays recent movies – most of them are just out of theatres – in the Zurn Science Center most weekends. For example, this past weekend “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” played. I personally didn’t see “Twilight” (it is far too girly for me to watch), but they play movies of all genres so there’s something for everyone.

Gannon constantly has live performers on campus. Poetry readings, ventriloquists, comedians, bands, artists – you name it, they have been here at some point. The plays at the Schuster Theatre are excellent as well; I have a bunch of friends who are very good actors and put so much time, effort and soul into acting.

I like sports but do not play sports for the university, so I enjoy going to the Carneval Athletic Pavilion; I can always find someone playing some kind of sport. Basketball, handball, racquetball and football games are almost always going on. Right around the corner is the weight room, where you’ll likely find someone throwing iron around.  I spend a lot of time at the rec – not only because I enjoy working out, but also because something is always going on.

There is always so much going on around Gannon. It is easy to just sit in your dorm room with a roommate, but to actually enjoy your time and get the most out of the experience that is college, you may have to make friends and leave your comfort zone.

But no worries; Gannon makes this easy.

Until next time – Steve

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