Click Thru GU: Carneval Athletic Pavilion

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The Carneval Athletic Pavilion, also known as the Rec or the “CAP,” is free for all GU students. Inside, you’ll find a gymnasium, pool, racquetball courts, a fitness center, cardio rooms, free weight room and locker rooms. This is also where intramural sports take place. Want to read more about the CAP? Check out other […]

10 Ways to Kill an Hour on Campus

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Chances are, you will have some spare time between classes or meetings. Instead of sitting idly around during those breaks, Gannon has several unique ways to kill an hour – which we’ve listed for you in no particular order 🙂

Self-Proclaimed 'Lazy Person' Finds Motivation at Rec Center!

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never really loved to work out. And by ‘never really loved’ I mean I hated it.  Physical excursion and “no pain, no gain?” No thanks. I’d rather curl up with “Pride and Prejudice” in the Lazy Boy on the second floor of the Nash Library with some […]