If you build it they will come – “it” being a college and “they” being restaurants. Gannon is no exception, with the area around the campus home to many favorite student eateries. One restaurant, Viva Wraps & Pitas, is something of a hidden gem.

Located just past McDonald’s on State Street between Fourth and Fifth streets, Viva might be passed up for old standbys like Molly Brannigan’s or Viva’s cousin across the street, Subway. But those who have tried Viva know it’s an equal contender.

As the name implies, Viva’s staples are wraps and pitas, as well as burritos and bagel sandwiches. And the variety within those categories is incredible – everything from vegetarian to cold cuts to chicken and lamb gyros. Viva also offers soups and salads, and for those with a sweet tooth, smoothies and cookies. Students on a budget will love the prices – nothing costs more than $6.50.

The next time you’re traveling down State Street looking for a place to eat, grab a wrap from Viva and soon you’ll be saying, “Viva la pita!”