Daniel A. Daube ’84
Communication Arts

My career all started at a 3,000-watt radio station in Erie (Gannon’s WERG-FM)—an experience that paved the way from unpaid internships and low-paid production jobs to high-end video editing and compositing. Gannon taught me that learning on your own, asking questions and taking a few risks creates opportunities to advance. I even have a few awards, including two Emmys for editing and producing, to prove it. After stops across the country—like New York and Los Angeles—and opportunities to produce, write and direct, I now make my home just outside Atlanta and work in management with Turner Broadcasting. I am currently director of the editorial group, the largest department within Turner Studios.

Gwendolyn (Ralph) Garbarino, Esq. ’82
Political Science

After graduating from Gannon, I obtained my law degree from Georgetown University in 1985. I am currently vice president and general counsel of eden, inc. [sic] in Knox, Pa. (which furnishes molding and doors to the manufactured housing and construction industries), and also of the law firm of Garbarino, Neely, Hindman & Huwar LLP in Clarion, Pa. From 1989-2003, I also held in-house counsel positions with National Fuel. When not practicing law, I like to ski and run long-distance.