Club dances, faculty lectures, grad school fairs, concert band performances…they all happen in Gannon’s Yehl Ballroom. Its high ceilings, elegant decor and central location make it the ideal space for big events on campus. But who is behind the name?

The ballroom, on the third floor of Waldron Campus Center, is named after Msgr. Addison R. Yehl (pronounced like “Yale”). A decorated World War II hero, Yehl was assigned to only one spot during his 55 years as a Catholic priest: Gannon University. Yet his commitment wasn’t limited to religious guidance. He served as a professor of chemistry, basketball coach and fraternity chaplain.

When he wasn’t focused on Gannon students, he was volunteering at the Emmaus Soup Kitchen in Erie. That giving spirit inside and outside the classroom inspired generations of students, who mourned his death at age 87 in 2006.

Although he only claims a small piece of campus, his legacy left a much greater impact on the Gannon community.