Let me just begin with a disclaimer: you might not find all of the items on this list surprising. That probably means that you, unlike me, take full advantage of what the bookstore has to offer. For those of you, like me, who think the bookstore has only school books and Gannon gear, this might make you want to check out what they have for yourself. We’ve all been into the bookstore or at least walked by it, but I’m not sure that we’ve all explored the many things that can be found there. Now that the disclaimer is  out of the way, let’s look at some of the cool things you can find at the bookstore.

  1. William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

This one is near and dear to my heart. For those frequent Edge readers, you maybe remember a certain Senior Contributor’s article about awesome Christmas presents. With Star Wars IIV coming up, it would be remiss of me to not inform you that this awesome book adaptation of Stars Wars in Shakespearian English is currently on the Gannon Bookstore’s shelves. For fans who want to put a twist on their pre-Episode IIV plans, why not read all the books leading up to it instead of watching all the movies?

  1. Snacks

Everyone loves snacks and if you’re like me, you never have change for the snack machines. Worry not, because there is an assortment of snacks and drinks right along the way to your classes in Palumbo. This can be a lifesaver when you are in a rush and have no time to eat. In fact, there is a better assortment there then you would find in a vending machine. So you if you’re very specific about the candy bars you eat or soda/pop you drink, then the bookstore may be able to help you.

  1. Cookbooks

This one surprised me. I always assumed it was just textbooks and John Green novels at the bookstore (both of which are there, should you be interested). The bookstore also has helpful cookbooks for the college student still trying to figure out how to cook like an adult. I wish I had known that one before I started trying to make food on my own. There were more than a few cookbooks of different styles including ones for healthier eaters or those looking to become healthier eaters.

  1. Bill Nye

BILL BILL BILL! Yup, a book by everyone’s favorite TV scientist. I don’t know if this is so much something that you’d be surprised to find as much as it is something I think is cool and am glad the bookstore carries. Regardless, feel free to feed your childhood nostalgia and learn something along the way. There were actually a few biographies or books by famous TV personalities not named Bill Nye also on the shelves for readers looking for new material. There are books for entertainment at the bookstore as well as boring textbooks.

  1. Ornaments

I know it’s a little early for Christmas stuff. I mean, we aren’t even at Halloween yet. However, there are Gannon Christmas ornaments at the bookstore. I knew they carried gear and assorted things bearing the school name, but Christmas ornaments were not one of the things I expected. So, remember that when you want to get in the holiday spirit but also show a little school pride. Decorate your tree. Send a one to your parents for Christmas. Be festive.

  1. Nursing supplies

This is pretty practical one. As journalism major, I’m used to bookstore having the supplies I need. Pens and little notebooks aren’t exactly rare commodities there.  I was not aware that the bookstore carried the basic supplies needed by nursing students.  This one makes so much sense practically with all the nursing students at the school, but isn’t something you’d expect from a bookstore. It’s definitely a lot easier than having to make a trip out to the store for all the basic supplies.

  1. Gear that isn’t hats and t-shirts

Everyone knows the bookstore has clothing, but I was surprised by the variety. There were Gannon belts. Belts. That said Gannon on them. Maybe this isn’t as shocking to others as it is to me. But seriously, belts! That’s one I never would’ve guessed they’d have! Flags too. I didn’t know you could buy full size nylon flags. That one isn’t all that surprising but I’d never seen someone around with a giant Gannon flag. If you’re thinking of the best way to let people know you go to Gannon, a flag sure would work.


There is a lot to be found at the bookstore other than your basic school supplies, textbooks, and Gannon T-shirts. It’s a resource with a lot of different items available to you. Check it out every once and a while. You might find something you weren’t expecting or something you didn’t know you needed. Or you know, if you need a t-shirt or some textbook, those are still always there for your convenience.