Orientation Week Pro-tips for Summer @ GU Ruskin

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For some, summer is more than just a break, it’s an opportunity to jump start classes! Physical therapy and athletic training students will be arriving on our Ruskin, Florida campus beginning May 30, and new OT’s will be here mid-August (i.e., before you know it!). Check out OTD student Sue’s tips for a stress-free orientation experience. […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Find at the Gannon Bookstore

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Let me just begin with a disclaimer: you might not find all of the items on this list surprising. That probably means that you, unlike me, take full advantage of what the bookstore has to offer. For those of you, like me, who think the bookstore has only school books and Gannon gear, this might […]

A definitive ranking of the best vending machines on campus

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So you’re walking to class, listening to “1989,” when suddenly, you’re struck with a familiar pain. No, it can’t be – lunch is an hour and 20 minutes away! You double over in hunger like werewolf during a full moon and let out a distinguished howl. Luckily, you have some options, which is why I […]

7 Ways to Meet New People at Gannon

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Gannon provides numerous ways for freshman to meet each other and upperclassmen during Preview GU. But in case you’re still having some trouble breaking the ice, I’ve jotted down a few tips that have helped me in my first few weeks on campus. 1. Leave your door open while you’re not busy in your room […]

Prep U for GU: Res Hall Recipes

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Most college residence halls do not come equipped with full kitchen equipment. This is true of Gannon, however Gannon equips each residence hall room with a micro-fridge, saving freshmen the hassle of lugging one to college with them. While these microwave-refrigerator combinations won’t allow you to make five-star cuisine, you might be surprised to learn […]

Good Game Day Eats for Cheap at Steel 12

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With Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner, many proud Steelers fans are itching for some real “Pittsburgh” food to prep for the big game (Okay… I guess Packers fans can have some, too). But when you think of the black and gold and huge sandwiches, Erie is not the first place that comes to […]