Gannon provides numerous ways for freshman to meet each other and upperclassmen during Preview GU. But in case you’re still having some trouble breaking the ice, I’ve jotted down a few tips that have helped me in my first few weeks on campus.

1. Leave your door open while you’re not busy in your room and share your snacks. Just be sure to lock it when you leave or your snacks might disappear…

2. When it’s time to study, get out of your room and go to one of the study lounges or start a study group with the people in your classes or on your floor.

3. Go to social gatherings hosted by on-campus organizations like campus ministry and Student Government Association.

4. Attend a sporting event. No matter what sport, you’ll find someone who loves the game as much as you do.

5. Go see or listen to a local band. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not – you’ll have something to talk about.

6. Attend a religious service on-campus. The Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel is a great place on campus to make friends.

7. Join a club or start your own! There’s something for everyone on campus, you just have to look!

Here are some other fun ways to get involved on campus.