A while back I wrote about the five apps every college student ought to have. While I was searching for them, I came across dozens more that had nothing to do with academia, but still seemed worth investigating.

Some, like Flashlight, were purely practical. I even downloaded the Red Cross’ First Aid app. It seemed like a smart tool to have, whether I’m facing a serious medical emergency or just burn myself cooking. (You know, during the three or so times a year I actually attempt cooking.)

I also snagged Stitch It for when I wanted to put together screenshots of long conversations, and Wanelo for when I wanted to embrace my inner material girl. Immediately after that came the app from coupon giant RetailMeNot because, FYI Madonna, I’m on a budget.

I picked up a few games too. Flow is a simple yet highly addictive puzzle game that’s perfect for killing time before class starts. Since I got the app, I’ve completed more than 600 boards!

Should I be proud of that? It’s a puzzle, so it must be increasing my IQ, right?

Unfortunately I haven’t had the same luck with SongPop, which only serves to highlight my pitiful knowledge of ‘90s alternative music.

The Sims free edition was a total bust. I don’t have the time or attention span it takes to look after a world of digital humans. At 10 years old, I couldn’t keep a hermit crab alive, and I probably wouldn’t fare any better today.

Maybe the best leisure app I tried was Countdown+. As the name suggests, it lets you set countdowns to important events – or whatever events are important to you. It turns out I’m more excited about movie premiers than anything else. (Fifty days to “The Great Gatsby,” everyone! Only 50 days!)