Being a college student, I have to use my money wisely and when most needed. When looking for entertainment, I keep in mind how much to spend and try not to go over my limit. With apps for the smartphone, I am able to entertain myself in my free time and take breaks between long study sessions.  With so many games and apps to choose from, it can be confusing to find which apps agree with your tastes and your wallet. Over the past month, I’ve looked at two different free apps for your smartphone that I think you will enjoy.

The first app that I found was a new social media style app published by Nintendo called Miitomo. In this app you can create a Mii avatar like the ones on the Nintendo gaming systems.  In this app you can connect with your other friends through linking the app to your Facebook or Twitter account and you can ask each other questions and dress your avatar up in many styles of clothing.  As you go along in the app you earn prizes like clothing items, tickets to play mini games in the app, and tokens that can be used to buy clothes for your avatar and play mini games.  These styles range from traditional clothing like suits, hoodies, and baseball hats to more exotic clothing choices like Viking armor, scuba suits, and cowboy outfits.  The Miitomo app is free on all smartphones with optional in game purchases you can make for your avatar.

The next app I found was a free game available only on the Apple store.  I reviewed Smash Hit, a first person game where you throw spheres at glass obstacles in an endless environment of glass objects and ambient music.  You start out with a small amount of balls then as you go on, your amount of spheres and distance you can do damage grows. However, if you receive any damage from the obstacles your damage distance resets back to one sphere.  This game is free, however if you want to be able to save your progress you will need to buy the full version.  Other than that, this is a game I highly suggest getting.  If you decide to buy the app you will be able to play in “zen mode” which is an endless level that gives you an endless amount of spheres and hides all obstacles so you can break as much glass as you want.  While being a fun game, it is also a great stress reliever and great for taking breaks throughout long study sessions.

Those are some apps that can keep you and your wallet satisfied.  Through the new and revolutionizing take on social media and interaction with your friends in the Miitomo app to the immersive, first person game Smash Hit, there are many free apps that can entertain you in between study sessions or when you feel like taking some time to relax and take a break from the hectic college life that comes with finals week.