“Hello, how are you doin’ today? I hope I find you feeling healthy. I’m so glad our paths crossed this time today, on our way into the night…”

Well okay that last part isn’t completely applicable (unless you’re like me and find most of your creative spark late at night) but I was listening to Dave Matthews Band’s “Granny” and it just seemed fitting.

Especially now with the part about finding you feeling healthy.

There is so much talk going around about the new number one buzz word, Swine Flu – okay, two words. But how much of it is worth genuine concern and how much is just hyperactive preparation?

I have to say I feel pretty safe here, especially lately since here at Gannon they recently installed hand-sanitizing units almost everywhere around campus and are now providing health care information for anyone who wants it.

I’m not trying to downplay the severity of the flu, it’s a serious issue and should be handled as such.  I just don’t think its proper cause to push people into a frenzy of not touching anything and living inside a bubble.

I, for one, do not live in said flu bubble, but have just upped my level of consciousness about the germs and bugs around me. My roommates have thus given me the title of resident germaphobe. I’m not one for labels, but I suppose me never leaving the apartment without my trusty bottle of hand sanitizer and gently yelling at friends and roommates alike to “COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU COUGH” might be grounds to deserve such a name. (Maybe I should show them a few tips on how to live with a germaphobe ;))

Better to do the little things now to keep yourself healthy than to be “too-cool” for it and wish you had later.

Until next time, stay healthy 🙂