This morning we woke up around 7 o’clock and had breakfast. We traveled to Chichen Itza and arrived around 10:30-11. We got a tour guide who walked around, showed us and told us the history on the area.

Between the areas of royalty (ex. governor), the buildings echo to allow conversations between each other. In front of the large pyramid, if you clap in front, it will echo and make a bird sound. Aside from just the noises, another cool part is that on March 1st and September 2nd, the sun glares just perfectly to make the shape of a snake.

The architecture was built up 15 feet in order to have a flat piece of land to build on. The land in Chichen Itza is generally very flat to begin with, but the architecture of the building had lots of pieces (ex. the snake/bird noises) that makes it the seven wonders of the world.

Following Chichen Itza, we went to Padre Felix’s house, a pastor who assists with fixing up churches and preaching, where we had very good chicken and rice. Today in Mexico, it is Dia de la Madre, Mother’s Day, so we gave Katie a card, which she very much appreciated, during lunch. She even shed a few tears!

After lunch, we went to a church where we set up our hammocks to sleep in that night. That evening, we went to the city of Valladolid, where we explored shops and watched dances. For dinner, we had ponucho, a tortilla stuffed with beans topped with salsa, onions, lettuce and shredded chicken.

We were very tired from today and everyone was eager to get a good night’s sleep!