Celebrating Halloween is almost considered a sacred task nowadays. There are the costumes, the candy, and that’s all without mentioning scary movies. If you do not celebrate the whole month of October as the Halloween season, are you even a person? Being a student is hard enough, but to factor in being a broke college student at Halloween is even more horrifying. There are many cheap activities this season that are not only fun, but require minimal effort. Binge watching Netflix is a great American pastime. It’s not only cheap, but an effective mode of entertainment. Basically, you get enough bang for your buck.

With Netflix adding new movies and shows almost every week, you have a smorgasbord of options this holiday season. Lounging around wearing your favorite pajamas while watching a gory horror movie with the one you love (cats are not excluded) is the definition of perfection. Oh! I almost forgot to ass the snacks. Then it is perfection. Needless to say, Netflix is definitely a legitimate celebratory option this Halloween.

Picture this: You are in a field. The wind is blowing rapidly. The air smells like crisp fresh fallen leaves. You look across the thick patches of green. You see it. The perfect carving pumpkin. Finding the perfect pumpkin to carve is crucial. Every pro carver knows that finding the right pumpkin is key. Without a deep connection, one cannot carve properly. Finding a pumpkin is only half the battle. The second half consists of searching for a flawless pattern. Whether it is a spooky cat or timeless ghostly face, it is sure to send festive vibes throughout your home or dorm room.

On a side note: Raking and jumping in leaf piles is definitely on the To Do list this Halloween season. Spending ten minutes recalling your best childhood memories of feeling the leaves crunch beneath your body’s force is the best stress reliever. Another ageless tradition that I have recently come across since living in Erie is Zoo Boo. It is a program that the Erie Zoo does; the whole zoo is decorated for Halloween, and kids can trick or treat at the zoo. It is held from October 14th through the 30th. Spending an evening at the zoo while enjoying festive decorations and sipping hot apple cider sounds almost magical. Let’s not forget getting to gaze upon your favorite animal (Giraffes are my personal fave). It should also be mentioned that tiny children get to wear their costumes while Zoo Boo is going on, so not only do you get to pay a visit to all the animals, but you get to be utterly bombarded with cuteness overload from all the children wearing their costumes. For more information about the price of tickets or just more information about Zoo Boo in general, visit the Erie Zoo website.