Right around this time of the year, there’s a fever that goes around. Got any ideas? No, it’s not Saturday Night Fever.  I don’t know about you, but cabin fever is striking me hard this winter. It’s that crazy, itching desire to get out of the apartment, go places, see friends, have some fun in Erie… but guess what? I have no car to go to any of these places.

There are some easy (and convenient) solutions to that all-too-common problem.

It’s nice that I have friends with cars that could take me places if I am in a real bind, but sometimes college students are busy! So what happens if your friends are studying in the Power Room, or they have that huge practical they need to prepare for? Guess what – there are other ways to get around campus, or even around Erie.

This year, Gannon and the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (better known as EMTA) worked together to help Gannon students with their transportation qualms. Now, GU students can ride any of the EMTA shuttles anywhere around Erie without paying a dime. Cool, huh?! Free transportation to the mall, the movie theaters, grocery stores and restaurants outside of the campus borders. (Check out our “Inside Gannon” video spotlighting the new partnership.)

Of course, there are plenty of places within walking distance that are fun, convenient and worth-while. Gannon is right in the middle of downtown where there are shopping plazas, restaurants (read Chelsey Klube’s take on nearby student fave The Sidewalk Café), convenience stores and coffee shops.

That’s really amazing news for those of us without cars!

Cabin fever is all of a sudden becoming a worry of the past. With the help of friends and/or the EMTA shuttles, all those errands or the quest for transportation to those last minute plans with friends are a go! So grab your Gannon ID, gather your friends and enjoy Erie 🙂

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