From the Ultimate Fave tournament to the launch of Gannon A to Z, March was a busy month at Edge. Don’t miss a thing — click in for a look at the stories making headlines at Gannon during the month of March.


CLICK-WORTHY: Small distractions from big decisions
by Cristianne Johnson (3/2/2012)

High School Happenings: Collegiate entertains with “Academy on Parade”
by Edge Staff (3/3/2012)

Ultimate Fave 2012: Get your vote on!
by Edge Staff (3/5/2012)

Jeff Slater: The man behind the beakers
by Tyler Babcock (3/6/2012)

Three times the biology, three times the fun
by Matt Kridel (3/7/2012)

7 ways to satisfy your inner artist
by Keefer Kopco (3/7/2012)

Gannon A to Z: A is for archaeology
by April Shernisky (3/8/2012)

GU Speak: Get Rec’d
by Tyler Babcock (3/9/2012)

AfterThoughts: Food, phones and Fringe
by Edge Staff (3/9/2012)

Ultimate Fave 2012: Cast your Round 2 votes
by Edge Staff (3/12/2012)

Gannon students gaze into the future
by Brianna Woods (3/12/2012)

Inside the mind of a psychology work study
by Tyler Babcock (3/13/2012)

Philanthropic event is not your usual relay race
by Matt Kridel (3/14/2012)

Gannon A to Z: B is for bricks
by April Shernisky (3/15/2012)

AfterThoughts: Luck o’ the Erie
by Edge Staff (3/16/2012)

Ultimate Fave 2012: Vote for the Final Four Faves!
by Edge Staff (3/19/2012)

Deadline approaching for Catholic college scholarship
by Matt Kridel (3/19/2012)

Gannon A to Z: C is for compass
by April Shernisky (3/20/2012)

Students dance to support sports teams
by Matt Kridel (3/21/2012)

Nurturing patients and fellow students alike
by Tyler Babcock (3/22/2012)

1,000 Words: Edge’s home, sweet home in the Office of Admissions
by Allison Kessler (3/23/2012)

AfterThoughts: The Hunger Thoughts
by Keefer Kopco (3/23/2012)

Ultimate Fave 2012: Final Four revealed
by Edge Staff (3/26/2012)

Who you gonna call? KnightCallers!
by Tyler Babcock (3/27/2012)

“On the Road” with GU Admissions’ Tom Camillo
by Edge Staff (3/28/2012)

Tuning the community in to the sound of Gannon
by Matt Kridel (3/28/2012)

High School Happenings: Collegiate Academy hits the runway for prom
by Edge Staff (3/29/2012)

Gannon A to Z: D is for Doc Wehrle
by April Shernisky (3/29/2012)

AfterThoughts: March showers bring Easter afterthoughts
by Edge Staff (3/30/2012)


@GU: Gannon’s thinking spring this March
by Allison Kessler (3/1/2012)

Tales from Edge: Compu-wha?
by Keefer Kopco (3/10/2012)

GU-REVU: Home Runs
by Edge Staff (3/11/2012)

GU-REVU: H20 Show
by Edge Staff (3/18/2012)

Gannon scholarships in 60 seconds
by Allison Kessler (3/21/2012)

GU-REVU: GU Goes Global
by Edge Staff (3/25/2012)



Student fights killer deadlines
by April Shernisky (3/6/2012)

A single atom transistor and how it affects you
by David Kramer (3/8/2012)

Student uses break… to take a break!
by Tyler Babcock (3/13/2012)

How to hide an airplane factory
by Jake Slease (3/15/2012)

Alumna making history on Capitol Hill
by Natalie K. Stake (3/15/2012)

Spring break service: Descanso de primavera de servicio en El Salvador
by Steph Gottron (3/17/2012)

Friday in France, Saturday in Spain, Monday in Monaco
by Sarah Sgro (3/20/2012)

Little blessings inspire big growth in faith
by Shawn Hogue (3/22/2012)

Catching some lake-effect sun
by Keefer Kopco (3/24/2012)

Locking myself in to study — literally
by Matt Kridel (3/27/2012)