This is my third year at Edge, and I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better job to have during my time at Gannon. I get to blog, something I surprisingly love and probably never would have done myself. I also work with a great staff and I always enjoy coming into work.

I also recently became a tour guide and have been calling myself the “Admissions Triple Threat,” because I write for Edge, I’m a tour guide and I used to be a KnightCaller (our student representatives who call potential students). Because of something that happened after our Full Tuition Scholarship Competition, I’ve been reflecting on why I’ve stayed around admissions.

At the competition, invited students who are accepted to Gannon come to campus to do a creative presentation on what they want to do with their Gannon education. I saw an amazing variety of presentations, from elaborate dioramas, to poetry, paintings and dances.

My main job was to wait with students before they presented to help them relax and feel comfortable. It was a great job for me. I talked with lots of new people, and I could definitely sympathize with the pre-speaking nerves.

A few days later, I received an e-mail from a girl who was at the competition.

It read: “Hi Matt. I wanted to thank you for making my experience at Gannon this past weekend so memorable. My nerves prior to the presentation were easily settled while talking with you, Jake and Marissa. Thank you so much for making me feel welcome on campus. I am looking forward to coming back in February for the Knight with Scholars.”

I was surprised and touched to have received an e-mail for doing something that, for me, was just a fun time at work. It helped me realize exactly what kind of impact admissions employees have on the students considering Gannon.

Which brings me back to my question: Why have I’ve stayed at admissions?

Not only has the work environment always been exciting, fun and friendly, but I get to share with potential students the amazing experience I’ve had at Gannon. I think that is something those of us who work in admissions – and not just at Gannon – share. We love where we are, and we want others to be able to love it too.

So if you’re a potential student reading this blog, take the time to thank those you encounter in any admissions department. Whether or not you ultimately come to the places we love, we’ll appreciate knowing that at least for a moment, you loved it too.