7 ways to succeed at the admissions process

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It’s a scary thing to sit down at your computer and fill out your first college application. It’s a huge step in your life and a decision that should not be made lightly. Here are a few hints to help you master the admissions process: 1. Narrow your list. It’s very time-consuming – not to […]

Prep U for GU: Making Cash in College

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Coming to college can be a big adjustment in your daily routine. For many of students it means leaving familiar territory and venturing into the unknown. It also means venturing away from parents’ wallets and high school part-time jobs. The distance from those things may hinder your monthly cash flow, but don’t worry — there […]

Prep U for GU: Finding Balance Between Academics and Activities

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High school and college students alike are often reminded to get involved to build up that college application or résumé. And who wouldn’t want to spend their spare time with other people who have the same interests? The key is finding the perfect balance between being “involved” and focusing on classes.

A Dozen College Applications, One Place to Believe In

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Welcome to Edge’s newest blog, “Sci-Guy.” Learn about life at Gannon from Matt Kridel, Edge’s new assistant editor and a sophomore biology / pre-med major. My journey to Gannon started with a postcard. It said, “Apply to the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) 4+4 program.” By this point, like many other high school […]

College Search 101: Spring into Action

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Even though summer’s not here quite yet, it’s still time to keep pushing forward on that college search. So to help you continue smoothly into the merry month of April, we’ve got a fresh new checklist to aid you and your plan of action (with the help of our dear friends at collegeboard.com, of course). […]

Grad School Applications and Napping 101

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Is April really only two weeks away? Although I am looking forward to the warmer weather, it is a bit terrifying to be so close to the end of the academic year. I am currently at the end of my junior year with my senior year staring me down. This wouldn’t be too intimidating if […]

High School Seniors: Apply to Gannon for Free!

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If you’re a senior, you’re probably feeling the pressure from parents, teachers and just about everybody you encounter. The clock is ticking on the college admissions process. But time’s not up – yet! Take a deep breath, clear those (well-intentioned) nagging voices from your head and read on to find out how Gannon can help.