Last week in photos

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With the hectic schedule of a college student, it’s easy to miss out on a lot of the activities going on around campus. Each week, Gannon provides fun and educational opportunities to its students, from open discussions on controversial topics to pep rallies for homecoming. The Organization of Women Leaders hosts a discussion on feminism […]

Gannon Confessions: Study habits

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It’s no secret that studying is a big part of college. Some students have their processes down to a science – utilizing flash cards, bookmarks and all the highlighters they can get their hands on. For others, studying is a cluster of caffeine, crumpled-up papers and tears. Regardless of your technique, it’s important to adopt […]

GIVE Day 2014

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Once again, Gannon students have happily donated a portion of their weekend to the greater good. This year, GIVE day saw 58 of the university’s clubs and organizations volunteering at 51 sites, from the Erie VA Medical Center to Gridley Park to Gannon’s own Goodwill Garden. GIVE Day coincided with the “International Coastal Cleanup Day,” and as […]

Gannon gives back

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Every year, Gannon encourages students to give back to the Erie community and make a few memories along the way. This day, known as GIVE Day, has become a tradition; it simply wouldn’t be fall if students didn’t wear matching shirts and do some good. The idea behind GIVE Day is to help as many […]

A new addition to Gannon’s faculty: Richard Clark, Ph.D.

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Clark is a visiting professor, so he’s only here for a short time, but he’s already leaving an impact on students. A member of the English department, Clark teaches lecture courses such as Prose Literature. He focuses on quality over a “cookie-cutter” English curriculum. He is the kind of professor that is open to discussion […]

Despite distance, brothers’ bond endures

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Leaving home for my freshman year was, and still is, one of the most emotionally trying things that I have gone through – telling my dog I would be back soon, promising old friends to stay in touch, my mother’s hysterical crying. Needless to say, the process was comparatively lackluster going into my sophomore year. […]