Student project successfully launches into the upper atmosphere

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A photograph of the GURPSI balloon at the moment of burst 95,000 feet above the Allegheny National Forest. Students in Gannon University’s School of Computer Science and Engineering successfully launched their senior design project 95,000 ft. into the atmosphere to record its flight and gather data for their analysis and capstone presentation. The mild wind […]

Gannon launches new virtual tour

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Gannon University is pleased to announce our new Virtual Tour! This interactive and comprehensive breakdown of the campus is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Simply visit and be guided through the campus, OR explore on your own.

[VIDEO] Tales from Edge: Compu-wha?

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Technological miscommunication between editors leads to a decrease in productivity…and a messy office floor. [youtube_sc url=””] Check out the other videos in the Tales from the Edge Office series.

Software, bugs and procrastination

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Software never works 100 percent as it should. “The more complex a piece of software, the harder it is to find all of the bugs,” as one of my professors would say. A bug in a piece of software is something that doesn’t work as intended. With a lot of college schoolwork being done on […]

GU Speak: Meet Me in the Power Room

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It’s a situation many students have been in before: The night before your paper is due; you sit down armed with your book, notes and caffeine, ready to produce the greatest paper your teacher has ever read… and your laptop dies. Totally and completely unresponsive, the only compressible reason being either karma or Murphy’s Law.

NEW BLOG: Technically Speaking w/ David Kramer

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David Kramer is a freshman software engineering major  from Vandergrift, Pa. He is a 2010 graduate of Kiski Area High School. Keep up with his blog to get an inside look at the world of software engineering here at Gannon. Since this is my first blog for Edge, I thought I would share an important […]

10 Ways to Kill an Hour on Campus

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Chances are, you will have some spare time between classes or meetings. Instead of sitting idly around during those breaks, Gannon has several unique ways to kill an hour – which we’ve listed for you in no particular order 🙂

Inside Gannon: Waldron Campus Center

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Wonder where GU students gather to eat, study and hang out between classes? Check out the video below as Edge contributor David Reichard takes you inside the Waldron Campus Center, the heart of Gannon’s campus. Check out other videos here. David has a new blog, Learning to Teach: Inside Education.

LAN Parties Intrigue Editor – And Not Just For the Pizza

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When I came to Gannon, I found out we have a student chapter of the worldwide Association for Computing Machinery, or ACM. Upon hearing the name, I decided the club wasn’t for me. I assumed it was a club based on designing computer software and hardware. I was right – but there’s much more to […]

Program Your Future at Gannon

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With the holiday season upon us, students finally have time to enjoy away from school; time to spend with family and friends – or to enjoy a hobby. If designing computer programs is a hobby you enjoy – or if you are considering computer and information sciences as a potential college major – Gannon is […]