5 reasons why you should check out Gannon’s accounting major

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1. Dozens of career paths. Students who study accounting can go on to become auditors, business consultants, financial planners, forensic accountants, tax attorneys, tax preparers/planners, budget analysts, FBI special agents, financial accountants, internal auditors, internal revenue agents or managerial accountants. The “possibilities” are endless.   2. A growing field. Accounting is a valuable tool in the business […]

Getting it straight: Credit Cards

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Signing up for your first credit card is an exciting moment in one’s life. You get to buy things you want without having to pay for them right away. But, problems can arise when it comes to credit cards; you spend more money than you can pay back. Here are a few tips when it […]

Initial 2013-14 budget draft released

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Vice President of Finance and Administration Linda Wagner was on hand at last Thursday’s Student Government Association general assembly meeting to present Gannon University’s preliminary budget for the 2013-14 academic year. Some highlights of the presentation included a recommended 3.9 percent increase in tuition and the new $550,000 Strategic Plan implementation. Wagner said the budget […]

Delta Sigma Phi Brothers Make Spring Break Plans

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With spring break coming up in about a week, many students have begun making plans for a relaxing week away from classes and homework. The brothers of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity shared their plans with us. Shawn Hogue, sophomore biology/pre-med major “I am planning on spending my spring break with my family. I always […]

10 Ways We Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Get a Gannon Scholarship

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It’s no secret that college can be a financial burden on students and their families, but many schools – Gannon included – hit the mark on sending much-needed aid to students. If you’ve already applied for scholarships outside of Gannon, don’t think you’ve exhausted all routes for finding extra cash for college. The college itself […]

World Opens for International Business Majors

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From traveling across the world, to working with international businesses, to managing commercial transactions and finances – international business is an exciting major at Gannon University. Chris Wrobel, a senior international business major from Buffalo, N.Y., said he didn’t originally see himself studying international business – he wanted to study theater.