From traveling across the world, to working with international businesses, to managing commercial transactions and finances – international business is an exciting major at Gannon University.

Chris Wrobel, a senior international business major from Buffalo, N.Y., said he didn’t originally see himself studying international business – he wanted to study theater.

“My aunt was the one who helped me with looking at colleges and told me that I shouldn’t go into theater if I wanted to have a steady career,” he said. “My uncle has his own export business that re-distributes electronics. I helped him out with his business, and I loved it.”

Wrobel said he was pulled toward looking at Gannon because it’s one of the few colleges in the Northeast that has the program.

“Gannon has one of the best programs for the price,” he said. “It has a lot of internship opportunities, and a good study abroad program. I heard about Gannon through one of my high school friends who was going to study international business.”

Wrobel has some advice for those looking to choose this major – study abroad, pick up a minor in another language and keep an open mind, he said.

Although he does not yet have plans for what he wants to do after graduation, Wrobel said he feels that his major is one that could lead him in several different directions.

“International business has so many opportunities on where to go,” he said. “I could go into international management, international marketing, or international financing. It’s so diverse in its opportunities.”