GU Speak: MidKnight Pancake Breakfast

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If you sit in the library the Sunday right before finals week, you can hear a symphony of sounds: pencils scratching, pages turning, keys clicking and stomachs rumbling. Wait, stomachs rumbling? How are students supposed to study when all they can think about is food? Have no fear, Gannon students! The administration has risen to […]

@GU: December Delights on Gannon’s Campus

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With the semester winding down, there are lots of things gearing up here on campus. Take a look at some of those events in this months @GU. A modern adaptation of the Greek play Lysistrata will be performed at Gannon University’s Schuster Theatre December 1-10. The play centers on a conspiracy by the Greek women […]

Prep U for GU: Gannon Glossary

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Starting your college career is an exciting time — for many, it means living in a new place (or at least commuting to one), meeting new people and starting a whole new way of life. While this can be exciting, it can also be a little daunting with questions like: Where are my classes? Who […]