During the last couple weeks, you may have come across posters strewn across campus advertising different sorority and fraternity events.  These ornate and colorful posters hoped to lure in potential members of Greek life for fall recruitment.

Fall recruitment, held during the first academic semester of the year, differs from spring recruitment in that it is for upperclassmen only. The seven fraternities (Alpha Phi Delta, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Delta Sigma Phi, Delta Chi, Zeta Beta Tau, Pi Kappa Alpha and Tau Kappa Epsilon) and five sororities (Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Sigma Tau, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Phi Sigma Sigma) hold different gatherings to seek potential members that fit their organization.

If a potential member interests a particular sorority or fraternity, they will extend a formal bid to join their organization. Bids were extended during the week of Sept. 22, and Bid Day was held Sept. 26.  On Bid Day, the members of the fraternity or sorority learn which individual signed their bid and are united with the entire chapter.

This fall, the fraternity that recruited the most members was Delta Sigma Phi (DSP) with five new members.  The recruitment chair for DSP, Nick Roberts, says that their success this semester was due to the characters of the brothers.

“We have a great group of brothers, and the new members wanted to be a part of the brotherhood as well,” said Roberts. “We focus on our grades and service as much as we do our social standing.”

The sorority with the most new members, Phi Sigma Sigma, welcomed 10 ladies into their chapter.  Sarah Stasik, the sorority’s recruitment chair, described their strategy for obtaining new members. “We always try to be ourselves and by being ourselves we hope to find potential sisters who mesh well with our personalities. We emphasize PR and let the rest fall into place from there,” said Stasik.

Both recruitment chairs expressed pride for their organization, and thankfulness for the bonds and friendship their fraternity and sorority provided.  If you’re planning on rushing, whether it’s during the spring or next fall, it is important to always be yourself and keep an open mind.  Also, don’t be intimidated by fraternity or sorority members; they’re people just like you, and probably felt awkward or silly during their rush process as well.  Good luck, remember to smile, and go Greek!