I think spring is on its way – at least let’s cross our fingers and hope that it is.

This semester is really flying by, we are already past week seven, and there are only twelve weeks in the semester. I feel like yesterday was Christmas and we were still enjoying winter break! Soon enough it will be summer break. I have a lot to look forward to – my 21st birthday in June, hopefully a summer internship or job, Presque Isle, friends and of course just summertime in general.

I applied for a local summer nursing internship at St. Vincent Hospital close to campus but haven’t heard back about that yet. It is very competitive, and I would love the chance to be a part of the program. You pick which floor you would like to be on and you follow a preceptor (a nurse), and they teach you and allow you to work as you learn along beside them.  I am crossing my fingers that I hear back soon. If I don’t get the internship I am still planning on staying in Erie because I’ve been told it is really a great place to be in the summer. I am looking for patient care assistant jobs at the local nursing homes and Hamot Medical Center.  I would really like to have a job geared toward my major and continue to have patient interaction because I think it strengthens my skills as a nursing student and allows me to build my confidence with the patients.

The semester is halfway over, and I am doing pretty well in my classes. I still really love my OB class and the clinical at the new Women’s Hospital. I also like my adult clinical – although it’s a little more demanding, it is a good experience at the same time.

I received some exciting news right before spring break. I have been invited to join Sigma Theta Tau, the national nursing honors society. Students in their junior year who have held a certain GPA are invited to join the organization. The induction is in April, and my family and I are excited that I have been invited to join.

Well that is all I have for now. Check back in to see if I get the internship or a job in Erie!