I have approximately three weeks left in Paris. Twenty-one days.

I don’t really know where all the time has gone. Paris has become my city, a place where I can try new things and explore and live in a way that is so different and exciting from my life in the States. I’ve been so blessed to have this opportunity to see a world so much bigger than what I’m used to.

I’ve gotten to see and do some things I thought I’d never really get to see. This whole experience has given me the “travel bug,” so I’m definitely looking forward to continuing my travels in the future. I’ve only got one trip left (to London) and then I’ll be on my way to the U.S. again.

As much as I’ve loved my time in Paris and Europe in general, I’m really excited to go home. I’ve missed my friends and family much more than I thought I would, even though there’s a lot to distract me. Also, I really miss the campus atmosphere, as it doesn’t really exist in Paris. There’s no sort of dining hall or quad for students and everyone is spread out all over the city so it makes hanging out a bit difficult.

Also, I have a lot to look forward to for this summer and for the fall semester at Gannon.

This summer, I applied for and was hired as an administrative intern for The Performing Arts Project, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to teaching and inspiring future performers. I’ll be working in some capacity with their summer arts camp this July in Wake Forest, North Carolina. I really wanted this internship and I worked hard on my application so I’m really excited to start. It’s also really close to where some of my family lives, so I’ll hopefully get to visit them before returning to Pittsburgh.

I’m also excited to return to Gannon and to my friends on campus. I’ve missed everyone a lot and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things and be with everyone again. I’m definitely looking forward to returning to the Edge office and working with a very talented group of people to produce what you’re reading now.

Summer will be a good adjustment for me and will get me ready to return to my hectic but usual and enjoyable schedule on campus in September.

Talk to you soon (from the USA next time!),