In case you missed it, here’s a rundown of the stuff we covered this past month on Edge.


Nominate your picks for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2012
by Edge Staff (2/1/2012)

CLICK-WORTHY: An aardvark from Erie?
by Matt Kridel (2/3/2012)

AfterThoughts: Random Friday quotes
by Edge Staff (2/3/2012)

@GU: Break away from studies for fun-filled February
by Tyler Babcock (2/6/2012)

High school students: Get your work published on Edge
by Edge Staff (2/6/2012)

What are your plans for spring break?
by Brianna Woods (2/8/2012)

GU Speak: The Knight Rider
by Matt Kridel (2/10/2012)

AfterThoughts: Random randomness from the Edge staff
by Edge Staff (2/10/2012)

Gannon’s website revamped, refurbished and refined
by Matt Kridel (2/12/2012)

5 things to know about philosophy
by Khadija Djellouli (2/13/2012)

The café at the end of campus
by Cristen Manion (2/15/2012)

AfterThoughts: Random thoughts from the Edge office
by Edge Staff (2/17/2012)

7 ways to beat the second semester slump
by April Shernisky (2/22/2012)

1,000 Words: Best seat in the house
by Allison Kessler (2/24/2012)

AfterThoughts: Spring break edition
by Edge Staff (2/24/2012)

5 things to know about Erie’s Warner Theatre
by Matt Kridel (2/27/2012)


Students prepare for unique spring break plans
by Edge Staff (2/4/2012)

Introducing GU-REVU, Gannon’s sports video magazine
by Edge Staff (2/5/2012)

Tales from Edge: April’s First Day
by Keefer Kopco (2/11/2012)

Get the picture with photographer Allison Kessler
by Keefer Kopco (2/18/2012)

GU-REVU: Hometown Heroes and Hometown Rivalries
by Edge Staff (2/20/2012)

Working toward my future
by Keefer Kopco (2/25/2012)

GU-REVU: Student athletes impact global community
by Edge Staff (2/26/2012)


Getting organized makes me a “Busy B.”
by Brianna Woods (2/2/2012)

The Word: Move-in day brings smaller electronics, same emotions
by April Shernisky (2/7/2012)

Software, bugs and procrastination
by David Kramer (2/9/2012)

Concert announcement strikes emotional chord
by Tyler Babcock (2/14/2012)

The life-changing powers of spaghetti
by Jake Slease (2/16/2012)

The adventure begins: Sarah arrives in Paris
by Sarah Sgro (2/21/2012)

College life tests students’ faith
by Shawn Hogue (2/23/2012)

The link between humanities and the human body
by Matt Kridel (2/28/2012)