Eternal Sunshine: Stop Stressin’, Man

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Thanksgiving break is in sight – it is roughly 55 pages of memorized lines for “Nevermore,” two short poetry explications and one 10-page Media Ethics and Criticism paper away. OK, that sounds much worse than it actually is. I’ve been working on these things for the last few weeks to prepare for the end of […]

The Joe Show: I Love Music

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I love music; all kinds. I listen to anything; Mozart, Brad Paisley, Rancid, Biggie Smalls. I’m picky about which singers and bands I like, but I’m not biased toward any certain genre. My favorite band is Eve 6. Here’s proof: I once drove four hours – one way – to see them in concert. Other […]

Eternal Sunshine: Students Get a 'Thriller' Surprise

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The Edge staff and Gannon’s Department of Theatre, Communication and Fine Arts present a Halloween treat, Michael Jackson style. People in the Waldron Campus Center had no idea what was about to happen. Enjoy! Read on for Nicole Dohoda’s ‘Thriller’ experience:

Eternal Sunshine: Back Again and Ready for More

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Another fall break has come and gone, complete with the obligatory ‘lets-do-lunch’ texts to every person you ever knew in high school, the time with family and nearly-full week of ZERO classes. That last part is probably my favorite. But while I spent most of the time trying to just recharge my batteries, I also […]

Student Voices: Where's Your Favorite Place to Study?

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Last week, Edge staffers went backstage at Gannon’s Schuster Theatre to catch up with cast members of  “Dancing at Lughnasa.” They’re actors, but they’re also students. In addition to learning lines and blocking, they’ve got to study, too. So, we wanted to know: “When you’re not rehearsing, where’s your favorite place to study?”

The Joe Show: Gannon Hooked Me With “Up”

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My weekend was relaxing and fun; just what I needed after a busy week. I went to see the movie “Up,” and I checked out the Erie Art Museum. The movie was fantastic, and the work at the museum was beautiful. I love movies like “Shrek” and “Finding Nemo,” but “Up” blew them all out […]

The Joe Show: Stay Busy, Stay Happy

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I have been extremely busy lately. I have one sock left in my dresser, and am wondering how I’m going to find time to do laundry tonight. I have a music test tomorrow which may sound easy, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a challenge. I’m working on two pieces for you […]

Eternal Sunshine: Big Flu and the Germaphobe King

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“Hello, how are you doin’ today? I hope I find you feeling healthy. I’m so glad our paths crossed this time today, on our way into the night…” Well okay that last part isn’t completely applicable (unless you’re like me and find most of your creative spark late at night) but I was listening to […]